22-Jun-2018Ravensdale, WA(24 miles)Cats for Sale
Opened and used a few (like 3) and realized it s too big for our cat box
25-Jun-2018Maple Valley, WA(17 miles)Cats for Sale
Whisker City, excellent condition PPU Maple Valley
30-Jun-2018Covington, WA(17 miles)Cats for Sale
Brand new... expensive! my cat won t go near it!! Lol!
1-Jul-2018Maple Valley, WA(17 miles)Cats for Sale
Got it and was gonna fix it up but never got to it. Now it's just taking up space. Would be an easy fix. It's also pretty sturdy.
2-Jul-2018Maple Valley, WA(17 miles)Cats for Sale
Still lots of life left. Our beast ripped the ball off of the top of the tower but didn t use it much for scratching.
4-Jun-2018Shoreline, WA(16 miles)Cats for Sale
Warehouse, basement, garage, or shop cats are a natural, organic rodent control method that will spare you the need to use poisons for your mouse or rat problem. Do you have a need and a space for a mouser or ratter? It could be a barn, shed, shop, g...
4-Jun-2018Seattle, WA(11 miles)Cats for Sale
Do you need a barn cat, or a mouser in your garage, shop, warehouse, greenhouse or back yard? Barn cats are a natural, organic rodent control method that will spare you the need to use poisons for your mouse or rat problem. These rescued cats are fer...
3-Jun-2018Seattle, WA(11 miles)Cats for Sale
Odie is quite the character, I adopted him 3 yrs ago from the Seattle Animal rescue shelter. Poor guy has some physical scars from whatever happened to him prior to my adopting him. His tail is a little deformed and he's missing a patch of hair on his side. He was a little wild and unpredictable for several years. He'd be wonderful and lovey 1 minute and then he'd turn around and bite you. Over...


4-Jul-2018Issaquah, WA(9 miles)Cats for Sale
Please contact me for more details.
5-May-2018Shoreline, WA(16 miles)Cats for Sale
Spike was found by 1 of our volunteers in her neighborhood. He had a spike collar, which is why we called him Spike. He did not have a chip, and our volunteer was unable to find an owner. He is a very attractive cat. He has taken a long time to adjus...
4-Jun-2018Seattle, WA(11 miles)Cats for Sale
Are you in need of a tough, independent guy who's misunderstood? Meet Vito! Our resident gangster likes to throw his weight around, but if you've got food you'll be the top boss. Vito would be best as an only cat for an experienced, fully grown caregiver (...
Cashew is a hansom 3-year gentleman who wants to be your best buddy. He might need a little warm-up time but once he is comfortable Cashew is affectionate. He would probably do well with another kitty and would do best with adults and savvy teens. Fe...
17-Jun-2018Lynnwood, WA(17 miles)Cats for Sale
Shaggy was found with his siblings, Fred and Daphne, behind a dumpster in Eastern Washington when they were about 5 weeks ago. The kittens were underweight and required syringe feeding and intensive care for the 1st few weeks, which they receive...
18-Jun-2018Seattle, WA(11 miles)Cats for Sale
You may think he is a little shy when you 1st meet him, but Thursday will surprise you by showing you how affectionate and playful he is. Thursday is fun and friendly and gets along well with other cats. But mostly he is looking for the perfect hum...
4-Jul-2018Seattle, WA(11 miles)Cats for Sale
4-Jul-2018Shoreline, WA(16 miles)Cats for Sale
Idris is in a foster home. Please email us to meet him. DOB ~10/15/2017. When you choose to adopt, you are making it possible to save another life! These are the answers to some frequently asked questions. If your question is not covered here, we ...
4-Jul-2018Lynnwood, WA(17 miles)Cats for Sale
Tabasco is a fun loving kitty cat who has travelled a long way to meet his new family....ready for some serious cuddle time??? ...
4-Jul-2018Lynnwood, WA(17 miles)Cats for Sale
Cholula has just flown in from Maui and is ready to get used to drizzle and cloudy skies!! He figures as long as he has a loving home he's happy no matter what it's like outside! ...
4-Jul-2018Lynnwood, WA(17 miles)Cats for Sale
Petunia can be a little shy when she 1st meets new friends but soon warms up and loves affection. Ready for your new bestie to chill with? ...
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